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Sep 8th, 2009 @ 1:16 am

haha. well this came in my email. its supposed to be for me personally, but thought it was too funny. so enjoy guys :D silly fan-girl.

haha. well this came in my email. its supposed to be for me personally, but thought it was too funny. so enjoy guys :D silly fan-girl.

Aug 14th, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

FormSpring :D

I thought it’d be cool to give this a try. So click the link and ask or tell me somthing awesome about a skylit drive :D :D

@ 12:51 pm


Cory, I think you’re the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen/met. To me, there’s no one that I find more attractive than you. I daydream about you all the time and my friends even know that I do. I plan to marry you one day haha. Even though I know you don’t know that I even exist since you see so many fans when you’re on tour, I’m always wishing the best for you and that you always have a good time no matter where you are or who you meet. One day you’ll know who I am. But besides you being attractive, you are my ONLY guy idol. I admire you and look up to you so much. You inspire me everyday. Whether its art to music, you inspire me in some way. You’re the reason why I want to learn the drums. Your drumming skills fascinate me so much that it’s surreal. And to all those people that called you a douchebag, THEY are the douchebag. When I met you, you were the sweetest guy I ever met. You were so nice and I can see it in your eyes that you are a loving person and adore your fans. I would say more but if I did this might turn out to be a 2-3 page essay haha. I plan to tell you how much you mean to me next time I see you. <3333333

@ 12:48 pm


If I had to pick one band that could describe me and I could relate to, it would be A Skylit Drive. Every song, even when Jordan was still in the band meant everything to me. Each song helped me when I felt like my life was crumbling down from stress, worry, and personal things that happened in my life. But this band has taught me not to give up and to keep going no matter what I have to face. No other band could do that, only A Skylit Drive. I’m grateful to have discovered this band. They /ARE/ my favorite band and will always will be. And yes, I /AM/ a child of Adelphia. <3

P.S. That whole debate about who was better, Jordan or Jag, to me they were both equally amazing and if you were a true fan you wouldn’t have to choose.

Aug 12th, 2009 @ 5:24 pm


I dont get why everyone is calling you guys out for having lives. I mean so Joey’s dating a chick named Heather and Brian’s with Mary-Ann [well i think so anyway] but what the big deal? They are allowed to have lives outside of being a band and its called a PERSONAL life for a reason. Who they are dating and friends with is none of your business and itd be cool if you ‘fans’ let them be. just enjoy their music thats why they make it.

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uhm&#8230;maybe you should get facts straight, Kyle&#8217;s single

uhm…maybe you should get facts straight, Kyle’s single

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